4D, 3D And 2D

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Togel 4D 3D AND 2D dan nomor togel yang muncul

Togel 4D 3D AND 2D

Guess 4 numbers, 3 numbers and 2 numbers.

Structure: ABCD

For example out: 4321
Means the winner for
4D = 4321
3D = 321
2D = 21

Rule of the game:

If you buy outside of the issued number, you lose and the money is not refunded at all.
If you buy 100rb each for a number:
4D = 4321
3D = 321
2D = 21
(Special for 4D, 3D and 2D are given additional discounts, the discount will be greater if the betting accumulated value in one period is getting bigger).

Means your victory is:
4D = 100rb x [Winning Index for 4D]
3D = 100rb x [Winning Index for 3D]
2D = 100rb x [Winning Index for 2D]
(Note: 100rb bet value is not returned to member)


To facilitate multiple purchases with consecutive number combinations, for example:

Then it can be done by:
BET: 4321 4 * 500 x1000
BET: 4321 3 * 400 x1000
BET: 4321 2 * 300 x1000
BET: 4321 1 * 100 x1000

This means you are already shopping:
4321 for 500rb
321 to 400rb
21 to 300rb
1 for 100rb


Structure: ABCD
For example exit number = 1234
the winning mean for Front 2D is = 12
mean winner for Central 2D is = 23
the winning mean for 2D Rear is = 34

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